about us

Since the 1970’s, I’ve had a keen interest in house names, their history and their part in our national heritage.

Numerous drives from Yorkshire to Cornwall, avoiding motorways to make it more interesting for the offspring in the back seats, involved detours to many a market town or country village for food stops and comfort breaks, and it was in these, (the market towns and country villages, not the comfort stops), that the interest began.

Over the years it became apparent that no national or international recognition of house names or their part in our heritage existed, and I began working out how this could be changed.

In the early 1990’s the booklet ‘Name Your House’ was produced, much of which has now been reviewed and re-written to provide the backbone of this website.

It’s taken a long time, between work commitments and life in all its fullness, to reach the stage where I’m happy to launch this website. I look forward with interest to see if my fascination and belief in this totally ignored area of our heritage is echoed by others.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site. I hope you find it useful in naming your house and then preserving your house name and I hope you will be supportive of our Aims.

Richard Wade
Founder - House Name Heritage - Pack full of the best deals