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Our research has involved collecting House Names from all over the UK, and beyond. A long car journey with children can provide endless opportunity for the collection of names and suggestions as to their origin.

We’ve also used various books for more conventional research and recommend them to you, although the number of books in print at any one time seems minimal.

If you’re looking for further illumination these are the publications we’ve referred to over the years:

English House Names’ by Leslie Dunkling, published by The Names Society (1972)

Welsh Place Names’ - John Jones (Publishing) Ltd. (1983)

House Names Around The World’ by Joyce Miles, published by David & Charles

Welsh Place Names - Their Meanings Explained’ by E M Davies, published by Emeralda Ltd.

DODs Parliamentary Companion

Who’s Who (Various Editions)

The Post Office Guide

The Guiness Book of Names’ by Leslie Dunkling, published by Guiness Superlatives Ltd.

House Names Survey - Halifax Building Society 1988

House Names Survey - Halifax plc 1998

House Names Survey – HBOS (Halifax) 2003

Owl’s Hoot - How People Name Their Houses’ by Joyce Miles, published by John Murray in 2000 ISBN 0-7195-6220-1

House Names of Australia’ by Graham Gould, published by Lyre Bird Publications in 1994, ISBN 0-646-364227 - Pack full of the best deals