The father of names in England was BBC producer, Leslie Dunkling who set up The Names Society, which took an interest in all types of names, including house names.

In 1972 The Names Society published ‘English House Names’, the first study we can find of House Names anywhere.

However until 1988 when the Halifax Building Society carried out a House Name survey from its computer records, there was no confirmed factual information available as to which House Names were the most popular in Great Britain.

Any article on favourite House Names prior to this seems to have been largely subjective and based mainly on the observations and personal research carried out by its author. If you know differently or have more information please feel free to Contact Us.

In 1988, the Halifax (at the time the UK’s largest Building Society), using its computer system on a routine overnight run, searched through well over 15.5 million investors and borrowers account addresses to arrive at a list of the top House Names.

From their researches the Halifax identified around 1.2 million investors and nearly 134,000 borrowers who had christened their home with a unique, or in the event, not so unique title. This represented approximately 8% of investors and 7% of borrowers, and gave the most accurate guide at the time as to the percentage of homes that were named in Britain.

The Halifax again carried out this exercise in 1998 (as Halifax plc) and as part of HBOS plc in 2003, and we are indebted to them for the information provided.

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