The top 10 house names in the East Anglia region are:

1. The Bungalow (2) 6. The Willows (11)
2. The Cottage (1) 7. The White House (7)
3. Rose Cottage (3) 8. The Lodge (4)
4. The Old Rectory (17) 9. Hill House (-)
5. Orchard House (12) 10. Church Farm (-)

(1998 UK Top 50 position in brackets)

In East Anglia, the names Hill House and Church Farm are featured in the top 10, despite not appearing in the top 50
in the national survey.

As much of the region is remote and rural with expanses of sandy heathland and nature reserves, plus the Norfolk Broads, there is a greater profusion of properties named after birds ... Swan, Dove, Kingfisher, Peacock, Pheasant, Robin, Heron, Woodpecker and Seagull to name but a few.

The rustic heritage dominates more than in any other region (with the exception of the neighbouring East Midlands) with a vast number of farm dwellings ... Hall Farm, Willow Farm, Mill Farm.

Another key feature of East Anglia is the area’s extensive links with the church ... Church End, Church Fields, Church Farm Cottages, Church Farm Barn.

Although windmills are a regional feature, with the possible exception of Mill Farm, very few homes reflect this theme. - Pack full of the best deals