The top 10 house names in the South East region are:

1. The Cottage (1) 6. The Coach House (5)
2. Rose Cottage (3) 7. The White House (7)
3. The Bungalow (2) 8. Orchard Cottage (27)
4. The Lodge (4) 9. The Gables (10)
5. Wood Lands (8) 10. April Cottage (46)

(1998 UK Top 50 position in brackets)

In the South East, the top 10 house names are broadly in line with the national survey, with the exception of Orchard Cottage and April Cottage. Outside the top 10, other names such as Yew Tree Cottage, Conifers, The Oaks, The Hollies, and The Elms flourish.

There are many references to furred and feathered creatures, with the following being popular - Nightingale, Woodpecker, Sparrow, Finch, Swallow, Magpie....and Fox, Squirrel, Mole and Badger.

Apple based names are in abundance (eg Apple Garth, Apple Croft, Bramleys, Russets and Applewood) as well as seafaring names, including Anchor Cottage, Seagulls, Pebbles and Mariners.

There are more ‘wood’ based names than in any other region (eg Sandal Wood, Honey Wood, Briar Wood).

Particular to the region are herb based names, such as Rosemary and Thyme. - Pack full of the best deals