Since 1993, ‘The Cottage’ has pipped ‘The Bungalow’ to the number one position. According to the 1998 House Names survey by Halifax, the top five names in the UK are :

  1. The Cottage (2nd in 1988 and 1993)
  2. The Bungalow (1st in 1988 and 1993)
  3. Rose Cottage (3rd in 1988 and 1993)
  4. The Lodge (7th in 1988 and 4th in 1993)
  5. The Coach House (9th in 1988 and 7th in 1993)

The Halifax survey shows that homeowners in the UK are closely in touch with nature and the environment when it comes to naming properties.

Names of trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and wildlife, together with landscape and water references, feature most frequently showing people’s appreciation for the countryside, regardless of whether they actually live in a rural environment.

The UK Top 50 shows only three new entries from 1993 - Willow Cottage at number 45, April Cottage at number 46, and Pear Tree Cottage at number 49.

Significant movers up the national ratings include Holly Cottage at 33 (53 in 1988, 41 in 1993), and Meadow View at 34 (68 in 1988, 43 in 1993).

Others tend to fluctuate in their popularity but are always near the top of the favourites list - (The) School House has moved from 4th in 1988, to 9th in 1993, and back up to 6th in 1998. (The) White House was 5th in 1988, dropped to 13th in 1993, but climbed back to 7th in 1998.

Manor Farm has dropped significantly down the ratings, being at 25 in 1988, 29 in 1993, and has since dropped to number 36 in 1998.

The Halifax survey identified a selection of the least frequently found house names as being :

The top 5 most popular names for new homes vary from the (national UK top 50) list :

  1. The Bungalow (2)
  2. The Willows (10)
  3. Orchard House (12)
  4. The Hollies (20)
  5. The Coach House (5)

Commenting on the 1998 Halifax survey the Chief Executive, Mike Blackburn, said “The fact that so few names have changed in popularity since our first survey ten years ago, tends to suggest that when properties change hands the new owners prefer to keep the existing name, rather than personalise it with a name of their own. In most cases, this is probably because the name already perfectly describes the property and its location and cannot be bettered”.

“In the fast-moving, hi-tech world in which we live, it’s heart-warming to know that Halifax customers still view the house and home as a shelter from the world at large and have a strong appreciation for nature and the countryside”. - Pack full of the best deals