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Welcome to House Name If you’re reading this it’s likely that you already have a named house or you’re currently thinking about naming it.

Perhaps you recognise that house names can be fun and informative. Perhaps you appreciate the benefits that can ensue from having a well named house. Perhaps you sympathise with our aim of creating an historical database of house names and named houses. Perhaps you just want to be different!

Whatever your reasons and wherever in the world you live, the correct name can bestow on your property a character of its own, and an individuality that a mere street number could never hope to match.

House Name Heritage aims to encourage and promote the use of house names, and we’d like you to Join Us and help Create Living History.

The more exclusive and individual a house is, the greater its likely value. A well chosen or suitably historical house name adds to the exclusivity and individuality of a house and in some cases may significantly increase its value. If nothing else it’s likely to improve the attractiveness and saleability of a house. (See House Values)

By naming your house you can make a social and historical statement that could live on for hundreds of years. It’s your chance to Create Living History.

Join Us and record your house name details for posterity, and we’ll supply a small distinctive plaque for you to place permanently near the main entrance to your house, and an elegant certificate to display inside. Record your house name now for the benefit of future generations.

One of our aims is to build an extensive database of house names world-wide, and create an archive of this valuable, but currently neglected, social and historical information.

If your house already has a name - register it with us now. If you haven’t chosen a name yet, this web site is here to help - thousands of examples are given. Choose one - then Join Us.

Your aim in naming your house must be to give you extra pride in it. Your chosen name should be distinctive and preferably original, adding elegance and exclusivity to your property. If you are embarrassed by the thought of a name under consideration, then forget that name and consider, even research, others. After all, if you are not one hundred percent happy with it, the chances are that future owners of the house will also be unhappy with it and will soon drop the name. It may even make the house harder to sell. Aim to be unusual, to be different, to create a name that adds to, rather than detracts from, the character of the house and the area.

Remember, you’re choosing a name that once displayed, becomes a historical document, a social statement that may continue to live long after you are gone - choose wisely.

House naming can have sociological, psychological, historical, geographical and linguistic interest. It is a fascinating art form.

We hope you find naming your house an amusing, worthwhile, socially responsible, locally prestigious and profitable move. - Pack full of the best deals