We aim to establish house names as a recognised area of national, even international, heritage. To date it’s been almost completely overlooked.

In many areas house names can be found in almost every community and often on every street. Everyone sees them, yet very few people recognise them as an aspect of their heritage, even though it’s staring them in the face. We aim to change this, but to do it we need your ongoing support.

You can also help us build an extensive archive of house names for the benefit of future generations, local historians, geographers, house buyers, sociologists and educationalists etc..

How? Join House Name and provide us with details of your house name and property.

We’ll send you an elegant house name certificate to display in your home plus a distinctive plaque to display on your property. Others will see the plaque and know that information about the house name is recorded with Interested parties will be able to access whatever information you’re willing to provide about the house name.

Ideally we’d like to see plaques displayed just outside or just inside the main entrance door to the property, about one foot (30cm) off the floor.

We’re not in this to make a fortune, but need to cover costs and so it is necessary for us to make a small annual charge for membership.

We hope you’ll find our fee worthwhile not only for the ongoing pride and exclusivity House Name Heritage membership brings you and your property, but also that any additional increase in property value accruing from the selection and use of a suitable and well chosen house name will more than compensate for the small annual membership payment.

Our first year joining and membership fee is currently just £79, and thereafter the annual fee reduces to only £19. We trust that if you support our aims this will not be a problem.

Home Favourites Create Living History

We have various plans for the ongoing development of House Name Heritage, but if you, as a member, have suggestions as to how you would like to see House Name Heritage develop, we’d like to hear from you.

To join House and build your house name details into our archive we ask you to complete an online questionnaire with as much detail as you are willing or able to provide, and also possibly upload a picture of the house name and one of the house itself, especially if it is relevant to the name – we’ll tell you how to do this.. 

There are 4 short steps to becoming a member

  1. Create a login
  2. Login
  3. Complete the questionnaire
  4. Subscribe using our Paypal secure payment gateway.

In completing the questionnaire you are agreeing to the information provided being kept and stored on a computer database and/or in paper form, and at some stage in the future, information, about the house name, its background and relevance, being released to anyone with a genuine interest in the house name or the history of the house.

We shall not release your name, e-mail address or telephone number without your additional consent, and shall not pass any information to other parties for commercial exploitation.

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