We invite everyone with a named house
to become a member of House Name Heritage.

If your house doesn’t yet have a name use this site to chose one and then you too can become a member of House Name Heritage.

By naming your house and joining House Name Heritage you’ll add a distinction and exclusivity to your home that can never be matched by just a mere house number.

In joining House Name Heritage you agree to provide and let us record details of your house name and where it came from, for the benefit of present and future generations.

We’ll ask you to tell us about the background to the name, why it was chosen, and if the name relates to any local geographical feature, historical event, former use of the premises or something of local or even national significance.

In preserving your house name you’ll create living history that is specific to your property. It may also increase the value of your house and improve its saleability.

House Name Signs on Brick and Stone Background

Join us and you’ll receive an elegant certificate for display in your home. More importantly we also provide you with a completely unique House Name membership plaque for display on the property. It’s a plaque designed and made solely for us in a traditional yet contemporary style by De-signage. You’ll see pictures of it on this and other pages throughout this website. Visit to see their range of house name signs.

House Name Certificate and Sign

When someone sees the plaque on your property and accesses our website they’ll know that you’ve given permission for us to release the background to your house name and that they can apply to obtain this information. We see it as being of interest to social historians, local schools, house buyers, historical researchers, local geographers and newcomers to the area.

By joining House Name Heritage you’ll be part of something special and something that is unique in recognising that House Names are an important but, until now, forgotten area of our national and international heritage. Help bring this heritage to life!

Yes, there’s a joining fee and an ongoing annual membership fee, but if you agree with Our Aims or benefit from Increased House Values as a result of having a suitable, well chosen house name and being a member of House Name Heritage, then we trust the fees will not be a concern.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of House Name Heritage. - Pack full of the best deals