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One of the main purposes of this web site is to help you find a suitable name for your house - a name that you’ll be proud of, a name that adds distinction, a name that adds to the character of your house and gives it added elegance and exclusivity.
We’re aiming to make this the largest list of house names in the world and are continually looking to add names from all four corners of the planet, so please contact us to let us know of other names you come across (with a note as to their country of origin and the meaning of the name if it’s not already obvious).

House naming can have long-term sociological, psychological, historical, geographical and linguistic interest, so choose well. We hope you find naming your house an amusing, worthwhile and even profitable move!

Once you’ve chosen a suitable name for your property Join Us in creating living history by recording your house name details with us and we’ll supply a small plaque for you to place near the main entrance of your property, and an elegant certificate for internal display.

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