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House Name Origin Meaning
Birdsong Cottage UK
Last Shilling (The) UK
2 Way Out Lodge UK
7777777 UK 49
A De La Colline France side of the hill
A La Fin UK
A Longo UK
Aabharana India Jewel
Aalayam India Home
Aalican (Isle of Man) UK Great Calm
Aalid Feie (Isle of Man) UK Wild Beauty
Aalid Meen (Isle of Man) UK Dear Beauty
Aarhus UK
Aaron UK Scottish island
Aastha India Faith
Aavaas India Home
Abacus UK
Abberton UK
Abbeville Australia
Abbey Lodge UK
Abbeydale UK
Abbeyfield House UK
Abbeygate Australia
Abbeymede UK
Abbeyvale UK
Abbeyville UK
Abbots Oak UK
Abbots Well UK
Abbotstone UK
Abbotsway UK
Abbottswell UK
Aber Dare Australia
Abercorn House UK
Aberdeen Australia
Aberdovey UK
Aberford Lodge UK
Aberlea UK
Abernant Wales mouth of the stream
Abersoch Wales mouth of the River Soch
Abertridwr Wales confluence of three brooks
Abinger UK
Abitato Italy inhabited, lived in
Abitazione Italy residence, home
Aboretum UK
Abyan UK
Acacia Australia
Acacia Villa UK
Acacias (The) UK
Acanthus Cottage UK
Acanthus House UK
Acecot UK
Achnacone UK
Acknill UK
Acombe UK
Acorn Hedge UK
Acorn House UK
Acorn Walk UK
Acorns (The) UK
Acre End UK
Acristo UK
Acropolis UK
Acton Brae Australia
Ad Astra UK
Ad Libitum Latin
Ad Nauseum Latin to a disgusting extent
Adagio UK
Adam and Eve UK
Adam Court UK
Adanac UK
Adaville UK
Addlecroft UK
Adene UK 'Doric' way of saying 'all done' i.e. for a last house move.
Adenough UK home of retired school teachers
Adenuf UK
Adina Aboriginal pleasant, good
Aditionfawthekids Australia
Admac UK
Admiral's Rest Australia
Admiral's Way UK
Adnamira Aboriginal flowing water
Adonis UK
Adori Aboriginal sweet
Adsum Latin I am here
Adwy-wynt Wales wind gap
Ael y Bryn Wales Brow of the Hill
Afallon Wales apple orchard or paradise, shangri la, blissful otherworld
Afallon Fach Wales little apple orchard or little paradise
Affollatto Casa Italy crowded house
Afrormosia UK
Aftodoo Australia
Afton Australia
Afton Lodge UK
Agate UK precious stone
Agecroft UK
Agecroft Hall Australia
Agincourt UK
Agricolae Villa UK
Ahoy UK
Ahuru New Zealand comfortable
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