Unusual House Names

Throughout this website you’ll find thousands of House Names
already in use, to both fascinate and intrigue.

Just to give you a taster, this page shows over 250 of some of the more unusual names still thought to be distinguishing homes in the UK and beyond. Some of our favourites are shown in bold.

Apple Drop Ark (The)  Anchorage (The)
Atlantis Att-Om-Ere Attabuoy
Autumn Tints  Autumn Twigs Avlaki
Back O’Beyond Bar None  Batchelor’s Tower
Beatle Fields  Beaver Ing Beehive (The)
Beggars Roosts  Bent Pokers (The) Boggle Dyke Ctge
Brass Castle Breaking Surf Broc-O-Dale
Bry-e-De Burnt Mallow Buskers
Camelot Canal Gates (The) Candletrees
Cat I’ The’ Well Chaffinch Briars  Chaos
Clover Stump Cobblers Cobwebs
Cold Blow Costa Pakit Cowpat Cottage
Creampots Creeping Snails Crime House
Crimple Cottage Crucifix Bungalow Crumbledown
Dam Breezy Deep Roots Deep Waters
Deerknowl Deer Play De Groene Man
Dingle Dell Doolittle Dragon’s Lair
Deep Roots Duck Down Cottage Ducking Stool House
Dunbyus Dun It Dunowen
Dwarf Cottage Elas Rofton Emmerdale
Emoclew Far Little Moors Fiddlers Elbow
Fiddlesticks First & Last House Five Farthings
Foal Cote Footprints Forbidden Fruits
Fortitoo (42) Fortywinks French Leave
Frosty Cottage Ghost Nook Gipsy House
Fortywinks Ninevah   Top O’ the Turn
Ghost Nook  No-go-byes Cottage Trux ‘n Trax
Goldeneye Gone to Ground Good Intent
Gooseberry Bush Gorldly Woods Gospel Thorn
Granny Place Green Peckers Groanin’ Man (The)
Grunjy Cottage Half Crown Cottage Handcuff House
Handel’s Waters Happy Talk Harvest Moon
Hassocks Hav-a Heart Hayricks
Hell House Hells Mouth Heron Dip
Herons Mead Hoe Hok Home to Roost
Honeystones Hookstile  Hovel (The)
Hudde (The) Icyinn Infinity 
Interlude Isor It’ll Doo
It’ll Doo Too Jacobs Cellar  Jobbing Cottage
Jokers Wild Journey’s End Jousters Cottage
Joyous Earth Kickatinalong Way Kiora
Kittycroyd Knockmore Koh-i-Noor
Kumincyde Lang Syne Larks Rise
Last Furlong (The) Law Slack  Layer Marney Tower 
Lazy Dragons Lean-Tu Leprechaun’s Leap
Ling Bob Little Acorns Little Blaze
Little Over Little Spruisty  Live and Let Live
Limelight Lockinvar  Loggerheads
Lollybogs Longest Yet Long Lover House 
Long Stoop Majority (18 or 21)  Many Flowers
Maria Regina Minims Rest Missing Rose (The)
Mocker Kin Molewarp Cottage Monkey Puzzles
Mosquito Ghur Motley Lot Mountain Greenery
Mousetrap (The) Music House (The) Myopic
Mywaye Neptune’s Kingdom New Bricks
New Scollock Nil Desperandum Ninevah
No-go-byes Ctge  Nonumber   Noridlo
Nudgems Ocean Swell  O’er-the-Tee
Old Round House Old Wob  One or Two
Onion Patch (The) Orange Wood Ornot (2B)
Otters Pond  Pack’s Rest Pair of Trees
Passing Moon Pawprints Peace & Plenty
Peasants Rest Pecket Well  Periwinkle Cottage 
Petits Fleurs Pickett Fence (The) Pine Clusters 
Pixie Corner Poggles Wood  Poppy Cottage
Pratty Flowers Pudrah  Pussy Willows
Pymms Quarterdeck (The) Queerwinds
Quince Cottage Rakes Retreat Red Gables
Red Roke Riddlepit (The) Ripples (The)
River and Valley Rocketer Rombe Pickle
Rose D’Or Round House (The)  Running Man (The)
Rusty Rails Salad Days Sally in the Wood 
Salt Pie (Farm) Scarlet Delph Scots Spot
Seldom Seen Serendipity Seven Barrows
Seven Deadly Sins Seventh Heaven Sherlock’s Holme
Shipwrecked Ctge Short Horns  Shrogg Bottom
Shuttocks Bottom Shylock’s Retreat Single Stack
Sinking Wood Sixpenny House Sleepy Oaks
Sleepy Valley Snicer  Sod House
Somethin’ Special Squinting Cat (The) Standpretty
Stipper Stones Stone Beds Stone Brigg
Stoney Broke Stumble Holme  Swampside
Swans Rest Tadpole Cottage Taff’s Well
Tardis (The) Teasmade Temple of the Winds
Thatchwork Thistledoo Thornton Rust
Three Guineas Threepenny Cottage Tievoli
Timelock Titlarks Cottage T’noggit
Top O’ the Turn Tricklebrook Trux ‘n Trax
Tuesdays Child T’Watering Hole Twittens
Twixtrees Updown Upper Ozzings
Up Si Daisies Vespers  Vintners Gate
Vyre (The) Wappy Springs  Wedge (The)
Wee Folk Wee Holme Weeping Trees
Whereisit Whispering Trees White Clouds 
Wide-O-Morn Wigwam (The) Wind In the Trees
Windrustle Witches Moon Witchfold 
Wits End Wolfstone Heights Wom
World’s End Ye Olde Box Tree Yeoldun
Yeoman’s Well Yin & Yang Yonder Oaks
Yoo Hoo Yoo Hoo Too  Yorkschur (The)
Y Wurree Zion House Zummerzett 
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