Is your house already named? Yes : No


It’s not often in life that we have the power and authority to name anything, especially anything that can exist for hundreds of years. Certainly we name our children, but what else? Perhaps a boat, occasionally even a special car, but these names don’t last.

Inventors, scientists and explorers are usually the only ones able to choose a name for something that lives on forever.

A house may be the only thing we can all name!

This right to be creative, to add character and distinction to a property, is one of the few ways in which we can make a statement against the ever growing list of impersonal identification numbers that encroach upon virtually all aspects of our everyday lives.

We have numbers constantly imposed upon us throughout our lives : a tax reference, a national health and national insurance number, telephone numbers, a driving licence number and a whole host of PIN numbers. We can do little about any of these.

One choice we can make is whether we wish to name our house and, if so, we can choose the name we want. This can be a well chosen, well researched name, or a humorous, even cynical one. They are all of interest to the social historian.

You can help preserve this right of choice and create your own bit of living history by naming your house. Join Us by registering your chosen name with House Name - Pack full of the best deals