German House Names

Here’s a selection of possible German house names and their meanings that may be of interest to you in selecting a name for your own home. They’re taken, with kind permission, from Graham Gould’s book ‘House Names of Australia’, reflecting the migration to Australia of other language speakers. See for more house name information and details of Graham’s unique house nameplates.

To draw your attention to some of the most interesting, even delightful German house names, we’ve put some of our favourites in bold. Check them out. They may help you choose your house name.

House name Meaning
Angenehm pleasant
Auf Wiedersehen goodbye
Besuch Wieder visit again
Burg castle; fort
Der Zirkus the circus
Ewigkeit eternity
Friede peace
Friedlich peaceful
Garten Sicht garden view
Glucklich happy; fortunate
Glucksbringer lucky charm
Grossartig Sicht grand view
Grussen greetings
Harmonisch harmonious
Haus house
Heiterkeit serenity
Herein come in
Herrlich marvellous; splendid
Himmel heaven
Hoch cheers
Hypothyek Berg mortgage hill
Ihr Platz her place
In harmonie in harmony
Lauterbach babbling brook
Lebenszeichen sign of life
Lebewohl farewell
Malerisch picturesque
Meer Sicht sea view
Mein Garten my garden
Mein Haus my house
Mein Platz my place
Nebeneinander side by side
Nebengebaude outhouse
Paradies paradise
Pracht splendour; magnificence
Rathaus town hall
Reizend charming
Ruckkehr Wieder come back again
Ruhe Haus rest house
Ruhe Platz rest place
Schon Sicht beautiful view
Sicht view
Sorglos happy go lucky
Uberfullt overcrowded
Unser Haus our house
Unser Platz our place
Unser Zirkus our circus
Uppig Garten lush garden
Verruckt Haus madhouse
Verwildert overgrown
Wanderlust love of travel
Willkommen welcome
Wohl Gluck good luck
Zufrieden content; satisfied
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