Hebrew House Names

Here’s a selection of possible Hebrew house names that may prove useful in choosing a name for your home. They’re taken, with kind permission, from Graham Gould’s book‘House Names of Australia’, reflecting the migration to Australia of other language speakers. Visit for more house name information and details of Graham’s unique house nameplates.

To draw your attention to some of the most interesting, even delightful Hebrew house names, we’ve put some of our favourites in bold. Check them out. They may help you choose your house name.

House name Meaning
Alyad Ha Yam by the seaside
Anashim Tovim good people
Ani Gara Po I live here
Aura enlightenment
Bayit Cham warm, friendly house
Bayit Lavan white house
Bayit Male full house
Bayit Sameach happy home
Bayit Shel Zahav house of gold
Bayit Shelanu our house
Bayit Sheli my house
Bo Bifnim come inside
Chalav ooh Dvash milk and honey
Chasara return
Eze Nof what a view!
Gan Ahava garden of love
Gan Eden Garden of Eden
Gan Prachim flower garden
Gan Sheli my garden
Kochav Shachar morning star
L'Chaim to life
Lev Tov good heart
Manassah Causing to forget. Mans name.
Mazel Tov good life
Medina Tova good country
Mizpah a watchtower, also 'May the Lord watch between me and thee when apart from one another'
Nof view
Nof Metzuyan grand view
Nof Yaffe beautiful view
Ruach Tov good spirit
Shalom hello, goodbye, peace
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