Welsh House Names

The Welsh language has led to some marvellous sounding
house names and we have listed those we have come across
here. We’ve also endeavoured to provide rough translations.

If you have details of any other Welsh house names, or
indeed those from any other country, preferably with
English language translations, we’d love to hear about them
from you - contact us.

To draw your attention to some of the most interesting, even delightful Welsh house names, we’ve put some of our favourites in bold. Check them out. They may help you choose your house name.

We’re not Welsh speakers, but if you are, and you feel there’s a need to correct any of the translations, please send us details. Here’s our listing as it currently stands :

House name Meaning
Abernant mouth of the stream
Abersoch mouth of the River Soch
Abertridwr confluence of three brooks
Adwy-wynt wind gap
Ael y Bryn Brow of the Hill
Afallon apple orchard or paradise, shangri la, blissful otherworld
Afallon Fach little apple orchard or little paradise
Aithnen poplar tree
Allt-goch red hillside
Alltyr Eryr wood of the eagle
Amlwych land by a lake
Ar Fryn
Ardwyn on a hill
Arfryn on a hill
Argoed by a wood
Arnant by the stream
Athrolys teacher's court
Bachie river bends
Bal Mawr big summit
Bala where a river flows from a lake
Banc Nant bank of a stream
Banc y Celyn the hollybank
Banwen moor of cotton grass
Bargoed a border
Bedfelltan place of the fast flowing stream
Bedlinog fox dwelling
Bedwellte place of the fast flowing stream
Beguildy house of the shepherd
Berllan orchard
Berth-ddu black hedge
Bettws y Coed prayer house in the wood
Blaenafon source of a river
Blaen-cwm valley end
Blaendulais seven sisters
Blaen-ffos brook's source
Blawty flour house
Bod Gethin Gethin's abode
Bod Hyfryd pleasant abode
Borth gateway / harbour
Borth Uchaf upper harbour
Bran Gwynedd
Brithdir mottled land
Brithweunydd mottled meadow
Bron Felen yellow or brown hillside
Bron-haul hillside of the sun
Bronllys court of rushes
Bron-y-foel bare hillside
Bryn Asaph
Bryn Awel hill of breeze
Bryn Awelon breezy hill
Bryn Bach little hill
Bryn Du black hill
Bryn Glas green hill
Bryn Haul sun hill
Bryn Mawr big hill
Bryn Teg
Bryn y Castell castle hill
Brynarian hill of silver
Bryn-coch red hill
Bryngolau fair hill
Brynhyfryd pleasant hill
Brynwern Hill of the Marsh / Marshy Hill
Bryn-y-brain hill of the cows
Bwlch-mawr big pass
Bwthyn Dros y Nant Cottage over the stream
Caban-coch red cabin
Cadffrwd powerful torrent
Cae Mawr big field
Caeliber cottage field
Caer Din enclosed fort
Caer Eithin gorse field
Cae'r-gog field of the cuckoo
Cae's Bwla field of the bull
Camnant winding stream
Carn Wen white cairn
Carneddau cairns
Carreg Goch red/scarlet stone
Carreg Lwyd grey stone
Carreg-Siglo rocking stone
Carrog swift flowing stream
Cartref home
Cas-bach little fort
Cas-blaidd wolf's castle
Castell a castle
Castell Gwyn white castle
Cathonnen cat's ash
Cawell y Cimwch the lobster pot
Cefn Glas green ridge
Cefn Goch red ridge
Cefn y Grug ridge of the heather
Cefn-y-bedd ridge of the grave
Ceginfa hemlock place
Cemais river bend
Chybean little house
Cilcain pleasant nook
Cilfynyd mountain recess
Cilrhedyn nook of fern
Cilsant nook of a saint
Clarach flat land
Cledan Cosy, snug
Clegyr Nant rocky stream or valley
Clifynyd mountain stream source / nook
Clipiau steep hillsides
Clydach a rocky stream
Clydoch river in shade
Clynnog place of holly
Cnwglas green hillock
Coed Celli wood of hazel trees
Coed Mawr big wood
Coed-duon black wood
Coed-y-bryn wood of the hill
Coegen empty stream
Coety house in wood
Craig y Forwyn world's end
Craig y Llyn rock of the lake
Craig y Mor Rock of the seashore or water's edge
Croeso welcome
Crymlyn rounded glen
Cwm-bach small valley
Cwm-parc parkland valley
Cwmsymlog valley of wild strawberries
Cwm-y-glo valley of coal
Cwyn y Gwynt wind's moan
Cymer river confluence
Cynghorgy meeting house
Dan-y-Bryn Under the Hill
Dan-y-coed below the wood
Dan-y-graig below the rock
Deildre leafy home
Delfryn pretty view, pretty hill
Derwen-gam crooked oak tree
Diffws steep slope/wilderness
Dinmel fort of a prince
Doladron robbers meadow
Dol-fach little meadow
Drws-y-nant opening of the stream
Drysgo rough land
Dryslwyn brambles
Dwyfor two waters
Dyffryn valley
Dylife flood waters
Efail-fach little smithy
Erddig a garden
Eryri Snowdonia / highland
Ewenni the frothy water
Fan Hir long peak
Fedw birch trees
Felin-wynt windmill
Ffair Rhos fair of the moorland
Fforest-fach little forest
Ffos-Anoddun fairy glen
Ffridd fawr big sheepwalk
Ffridd-fach little mountain pasture
Ffrwd Grech rippling brook
Ffynnon well, spring, source, fountain
Ffynnon Taf Taff's Well
Ffynnon-y-gog cuckoo well
Foon Hai happiness
Gelli small wood
Gelli-aur golden grove
Gellidywyll dark wood
Gellifelen yellow grove
Gelli-nud misty grove
Gelynnen a holly tree
Gerddigleision green gardens
Gilwern marshy retreat
Glandwr water's bank
Glan-llyn the bank of a lake
Glan-y-mor sea shore
Glanyrafon bank of the river
Glas Fryn
Glasgoed green wood / trees
Glaslyn blue or green lake or valley
Goedweig (The)
Golan a biblical place
Gors Lydan wide marsh
Gors-goch red marsh
Graigfawr large rock / big crag
Graigfechan little rock
Groes-faen the stone cross
Groes-ffordd cross roads
Gwaunynog place of bees
Gwenddwr white water
Gwffyliog a tree stump
Gwyndy white house
Hafan haven
Hafod summer dwelling or pasture
Halkyn willow tree
Harlech beautiful rock
Haul Fryn
Hen Domen old mound
Hen Gerrig old stones / rocks
Hendre main or winter dwelling
Hendy old house
Henryd old ford
Heol-las blue or green road
Hirwaun long meadow or moorland
Is-coed below the wood
Lisuare stone court
Llanberis the church of Peris
Llanerch a glade or clearing
Llangoed church of the wood
Llan-saint Church of Saints
Llawr-y-glyn the glen floor
Lluest a small hill farm / hut
Llwyn fedwen birch grove
Llwyncelyn holly bush
Llwyndyrys tangled grove
Llwyn-onn ash grove
Llwynypia bush of the magpie
Llysfaen stone court
Llywernog place of foxes
Luscombe Maye
Maen-du black stone
Maesaraul sunny meadow
Maes-glas green field
Maes-llyn meadow of the pond
Magwyr enclosures/stone/fortifications
Mallwyd grey field or plain
Man-moel bare place
Marian-Glas blue/green moraine
Meifod halfway house
Minafon by the river
Minffordd edge of the road
Minllyn edge of the lake
Moelfre bare hill
Moel-y-Llyn bare hill by the lake
Murmur y Coed Whispering Trees or Whisper of the Woods
Mynydd mountain
Nant y Bedd Stream of the Grave
Nantgarw rough brook
Nant-y-Caws stream of the cheese
Nant-y-fallen stream of the apple tree
Nyth Bran nest of the crow
Nyth y Grug nest in the heather
Nythfa resting place
Pantgwyn white hollow
Pant-mawr big hollow
Pant-teg fair hollow
Pedair-ffordd four roads
Pegwn-mawr big peak
Pen Y Bryn
Pen-allt top of a wooded slope
Penbryn hill top
Pen-coed head of the wood
Pendoylan end of two groves
Pengam crooked top
Pengelli grove end
Pen-Ilin end of the lake
Pen-maen head of rock
Penmorfa fen end / head of the seashore
Pennant head of the stream
Pennard hill top
Penpentre top of the village
Penrhos moorland end
Penrhyn promontary
Pen-sarn paved way end
Pentir headland
Pentraeth beach end
Pentre village
Pentre-bach little village
Pen-y-banc top of the bank
Pen-y-Bryn hill top
Pen-y-cae end of the field
Pen-y-Crocbren gallows top
Pen-y-Cwm valley head
Pen-y-Fan top of the peak
Penyrheol road end
Pen-y-Waun end of the moor
Persondy vicarage
Pistyll spring / well
Plas Cadnant
Plasnewydd New place
Pont Fadlen Merlin's Bridge
Pont-faen stone bridge
Pontgarreg bridge of stone
Pont-hir long bridge
Pontnewydd new bridge
Pont-y-clun meadow bridge
Pont-y-Pant hollows bridge / valley bridge
Porth Neigwi hell's mouth
Pren-gwyn white tree
Pren-teg fair wood
Pump-newl five roads
Pwll Llaca muddy pool
Radur cheap/free land
Rhaedr waterfall
Rhaedr Ewynnol shallow falls
Rhiwlas green hillside
Rhos y Gelynnen moorland of the holly tree
Rhosbwlch rosebush
Rhos-goch red roses
Rhos-maen moorland of the stone
Rhydfach little ford
Rhydoldog winding stream
Rhydri oak tree slope
Rhyd-y-meirch ford of the horses
Roath land near fort
Sarnau paved ways
Tafolwern dock leaf marsh
Talerddig end of the little garden
Talgarreg end or front of the rock
Talgarth headland / hill brow enclosures
Tal-Sarn paved way at brow of a hill
Talwrn rocky place
Tal-y-bont end of the bridge
Tal-y-Llyn lake below brow of a hill
Tan y fron below the hillside
Tan y Graig below the rock or cliff
Tawelfan quiet place
Tir Rhiwiog hilly land
Ton-mawr large grassy plot
Ton-teg fair grassy plot
Trealau home of song / water lily
Tre-allt home of the hillside / wood
Trebanog the high homestead
Tre-coed home of the wood
Trederwen oak tree homestead
Trefechan little homestead
Trefforest forest home
Trefgarn cairn homestead
Trefnant stream of the homestead
Tre-gwynt windy homestead
Trehafod summer house
Trisant three saints
Troed-y-rhiw foot of the hill
Trum Gelli grove crest
Tryfel triangular piece of land
Twll Du devils kitchen
Ty Cornel corner house
Ty Newydd new house
Ty-croes house on the crossroads
Tyddewi St. David's house
Tyddyn small farm / cottage
Ty-gwyn white house
Ty-Hen old house
Ty-mawr big house
Tyn-cwm smallholding in the valley
Ty-Ni our house
Tyn-y-Pistyll smallholding near the well or spring
Ty-Pellaf farthest house
Ty'r Anwylyd House of the Beloved, Beloved House
Ty-top top house
Ty-y-maes house in the meadow
Ucheldre homestead
Uwchmynydd above the mountains
Uwch-y-doed above the wood
Vaynor chieftain's house
Verwick barley grange
Waunarlwydd lord's meadow
Waun-fawr big meadow
Waunsaeson English Meadow
Wern alder trees / a marsh
Winllan vineyard
Y Betws house of prayer
Y Borth the harbour
Y Cerrig the stones
Y Clun the meadow
Y Cymer the confluence
Y Felindre home of the mill
Y Figyn the quagmire
Y Gaer the fort
Y Gamalt winding hill road
Y Glog the crag
Y Goedwig of the forest
Y Goetrehen old home in the wood
Y Grug the heather
Y Maendy stone house
Y Porth the gateway or harbour
Y Rugos place of the heather
Y Strad wide valley
Y Trallwng boggy place
Y Wig the wood
Y Ynys river meadow or island
Yr Adfa retreat
Yr Allt the hillside wood
Yr Hendy the old house
Yr Isga lower field
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